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The driveway sealed at my apartment was recently sealed, mainly because my landlord was mad about the little weeds that kept sprouting up through the broken and cracked gravel. It’s been about two weeks since the driveway has been done, but Saturday morning as I was getting in my car, this little plant caught my attention immediately. Images can either compel you in, or draw you away and in this instance I was pulled in. Where my landlord sees it as a┬ánuance, I saw it as cheerful and strong. The morning sun seemed to illuminate it, causing the intensity of its color to be brighter. According to Helmer the dominance of a certain color can also have a symbolic meaning.┬áThe fresh looking green color seemed to contrast to its darker and broken surroundings, giving the plant a symbolic quality of hope (hence the title) and strength. “Green, the color of spring leaves and grasses, denotes renewal and fertility,” (Helmer, pg. 45).

How does the plant make you feel?



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