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I Love Lamp

I found this lamp discarded on the side of the street last year. When I found it I was just driving by and I noticed it on the curb. I just drove by it because in its context I thought it was just junk. However something about it compelled me to turn around and have a second look. After checking it for damage I was surprised, it was actually a really nice lamp. I took the lamp home and cleaned it up, now it sits in our living room adding some much needed sophistication to our college apartment. Even though it is just a knock off Tiffany lamp.

I feel that this is a good example of initial response to an image and how putting it in to context can change the visual message. The lamp sent the visual message of being trash on the road but in the house cleaned up and in its proper place it sends out the visual message of elegance. The lamp uses visual elements like complex patterns and colorful stain glass that could be interpreted as either classy or tacky depending on the viewers opinion/beliefs.


Hello my name is Benjamin Kitzmiller. I am a fourth year fine art photography student here at RIT. I am from Maryland and I enjoy camping and landscape photography. Knowing about visual communications will help me strengthen my art and interpretation of art.



Why would someone throw out something like that lamp! Besides the fact that it’s a very cool lamp, I think this is a great post. I see junk on the side of the road every day, and not once have I stopped to see what it was because just as you said “I though it was just junk”. The initial response to something on the street is junk, however if you view it in another perspective, instead of trash it could really be a treasure.


I’ll admit it, the title is what brought me to this post, some Anchorman references tend make me giggle.

I would have never guessed that you found the lamp alongside of a road, it looks like an awesome lamp! As you mentioned, the context of the image completely changes the initial impression. If you had posted a picture of the lamp in the setting you found it in, I’d be more inclined to think of the lamp as trash instead of something useful and visually pleasing.


It’s fascinating how you mentioned that you fixed it up, yet it is not even turned on in the photograph. I have to rely on your words to instill in me the same sense of awe that you feel for this find. I can admire the “sophistication” of the lamp – we have a wood coffee table to offset our shopping cart TV stand in my apartment.

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