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Iconic Logo

I took these three images of my various apple products. Two are computers and one is from an apple keyboard. In the “Cowin & Matusitz” reading the meaning of a company’s logo is discussed. After reading about logos and how they are used to “distinguish one brand from another”, and how as a graphic symbol they “embody the true values of a company”, I immediately thought of Apple and how distinct their logo is. When looking at various products the apple logo will help a consumer recognize and identify which product is theirs. Overtime, the apple logo hasn’t changed much which I think is very smart because that means years of people will all be familiar with the same logo, so they probably have a larger number of consumers who are accustomed to their logo. In the reading the authors say that in order to be successful a logo must be recognizable, hold meaning to the target market, and also induce positive affect. I believe that the apple logo covers all three of these. First, it is very recognizable since it has been around for so many years, second it is a logo in which the object or graphic is the actual name of the company. Meaning, it is an apple and the company is apple. Third, it is very positive because of the design and because it has so much exposure to so many people over the years it has been around. I think the apple logo is a very good example of a positive and effective company logo.. What does everyone else think?




It’s probably worth noting that Apple’s current logo is actually enormously different from its original logo, here:

The current design is obviously much simpler, taking the apple off the tree and making it the centerpiece of the design. It was a smart choice; the apple is hardly the focus of the original design, which is strange for a company which is named, well, Apple. Supposedly the missing bite was meant to make the figure unambiguously an apple rather than any other fruit. I’m not sure that that was necessary.

At any rate, I’ve never liked the Apple logo. It seems too soft and organic for a technology company. I should probably tip my hand by saying that I think their products are vastly overpriced, and their entire business model amounts to packaging things in boxes shiny enough to distract people from how mediocre their hardware is.

I suppose my question, then, would be to what extent you think their success at insinuating this logo so thoroughly into modern pop culture has accounted for the meteoric rise of their brand. From the perspective of a great many people who work with computers, Apple embodies the success of style over substance. Are people willing to pay more money for worse hardware purely so others see them sporting the Apple logo?

From the outside it seems almost parasitic, overpaying for the privilege of giving the company free advertising so that other people might be inspired to overpay for the privilege of giving the company free advertising so that . . .

Though, to hear it from any Apple fan, it’s more symbiosis, like those fish who pick bits of detritus out from between a shark’s teeth, and in exchange the shark is generous enough to not eat them.

Scott Howard

I think this current apple logo is successful. It captures the name of the company as an icon/logo simply and elegantly, relating to its products. I also think that the logo is a blend between being mechanical & organic, which relates to the brand. Apple has positioned its products as organic/intuitive to use. Further, the hardware typically incorporates nice smooth corners similar to some of the curves in the logo.

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