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inspiration island

This is a photograph that I look while riding my canoe down Black Creek. What appears to be a bush floating on the water is actually a small island.


Last Spring, I had a design project that I was struggling with all quarter. During week eight of the academic quarter, I took a trip on my canoe down this same creek and came across this island, except for it was well maintained enough for me to pull my canoe up to it and sit on it, accompanied by one of my friends who is also a designer. We began to talk to each other about the project that I was struggling with. I don’t know if it was because we were on the water, the weather was beautiful, or the fact that we were crammed together on an island that was only five feet wide, but within about twenty minutes of talking we were able to come up with a solution to the project I was struggling with all quarter.


When I saw that the island was completely overtaken by plants and other wildlife, I thought about the fact that now this island could not provide the same service that it did for me for another, and may never be viewed the same way again. While I saw this island as a place for me to go to become physically separated from society and have the ability to think clearly, now another person might simply see it as an obstacle in the creek, and nothing more. This exemplifies Helmer’s concept that the context of the image affects the way that it can be interpreted.



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