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The photo I chose to focus on from the 60 from the 60s exhibit at the George Eastman House I found to relate particularly well with Sturken and Cartwright’s point that, “The desire to visualize the interior of the body has been a central aspect of Western medicine for its entire duration…the capacity to look within the body has fundamentally altered how it is understood in cultural and political terms.”

The right image is titled, “Figure interiors (mushrooms)” and the left image is, “Figure interiors (His taste).” The artist shows interest in the interior the human body. Although I am unaware of the point they are trying to make, the pictures still takes the concept that we are intrigued to look inside the body to understand and make meaning of something/someone. The artist uses the idea of human interest in the body and whats inside to capture his art.




Interesting how it says “his taste” I wonder what gender differences- if any this image is trying to show? Looks like there are mushrooms in both images, weird! Great post Lauren.


I am grasping here ..but I interpret this to mean two things. Is it me, or is the woman on the right more “sexy” she looks slimmer given the lighter nature of the photo and the image on the left featuring what looks like either muscles or a superimposed image of a steak makes her look heavier and darker. Perhaps both are meant to objectify the woman in different ways as the photo on the right may depict what women should eat to look sexy and on the left, since men like meat and some men have arguably been known to treat women like a piece of meat, perhaps both then indicate what men want? I may have just confused everyone more!


I found this piece interesting since they focused so much on the shape of the body, primarily the hips/waist/chest, thus no arms!
Also the fact the legs have clear-cut lines, but the waist of the female(?) is blurred and faded, overall creating an extremely unrealistic, deformed body shape.


It’s funny how one of the body is represented black and white and the other one with colors. I like how the photographer tries to interpret that physically we can all look alike but not necessarily do we all like the same things. We are all different in some way or another…for example in taste how the author expresses it.


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