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Is this real life?

I know that I am supposed to post a picture here that I took specifically for this illustration, however, when I read the first paragraph of Helmers reading I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite pictures.

Helmers opens with, “One of the most common ways that Americans interact with the visual is through their experience of scenery and landscape. Whether traveling to the Grand Canyon, walking through a local park, planting flowers in a backyard garden, photographing the family against a shining lake on a camping trip, or taping a poster of a European castle to a dorm wall, people express an interest in natural and built environments.” What caught my attention was when he says, “or taping a poster of a European castle to a dorm wall,” because I have a picture of a Castle in Germany, that I took and taped on my dorm wall.

The natural beauties that we can find without any human involvement makes nature that much more enchanting for us, “Americans.” A pretty sunset, a well sculpted landscape, a snow covered mountain, can take just about anyones breath away and thats exactly what this picture does for me. I would put a picture of the castle itself on here but the view of the landscape from the balcony of the castle, to me, is the breath taking element I am talking about. Whenever I would show someone this picture for the first time I would say, “no this is not a post card I actually witnessed this with my own eyes.” Helmers would say that if this was a postcard, and it very well could be, it would be humans using nature and landscape to evoke some sort of emotion.




Emotion is a very important part of reflection and sales as well. Nature certainly has a way of invoking emotion in its natural state, and this image certainly captures that. If you would like to hear m impression of the marketing portion, I invite you to take a look at my post “False Impression of Realism” and tell me what you think about it.

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