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It’s just a band aid, right?

Roth states toward the end of the article, “As more and more manufacturers and creative producers explicitly acknowledge the skin-tone values they are working with and reinforcing in the minds of their customers and audiences, and as they begin to tackle the complexities of the colour adjustment process, we hopefully shall note a wider public recognition and acceptance of multiracialism.”

I realized that Binney & Smith made efforts to change their “flesh tone” crayons, and such things as beauty products have a bigger range for different skin tones. Then there are band aids. Band aids are, from what I observe, supposed to be “flesh-tone.” There are different shades of this so called “flesh tone” but they all have one thing in common; if they are going to better suit a person’s skin tone, it is going to be a white person. Band aids for other racial skin tones could exist, this I am not sure of, but that is the point. They are not the norm. Sure there are band aids with disney princesses or cartoons on them, they could be different colors of the rainbows. But how many adults put these on when they scrap their elbow?

My question is, regarding to Roth’s quote above, can we still change this band aid trend? Do people care? I personally think they do, it erks me a little to think this is still the norm in band aids. Since there are already so many different tones of this flesh toned skin color for white skin, why can’t there be more variations for other skin tones?




Lauren I completely agree with your post. I sadly and shamefully hate to admit that I myself never realized or thought abut how we still live in a world where even the products we buy in the store for our daily needs don’t accept multiracialism. After reading the article about Crayola I really started to take a look around at other things that don’t have variations for other skin tones. It’s unbelievable to me that this is still an issue. Will it ever fully go away?

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