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Keepsake Rose Jar

Was cleaning out a jar I keep roses in that my boyfriend gave me on Valentines day in 2011. Ended up taking a photo of it and afterwards noticed I also caught him in the background. (A bit more originally was in the photo, including more dried up flowers on my desk, but I cropped it because of file size.) I felt like dried up roses worked well for this week’s assignment, because the photo referenced steps 2,3, and 4 of the analyzing process. Specifically, I found myself referencing the third step– details. Unintentionally, the arrangement, angle and space of the individual elements on the page– the roses in focus, but a young man in the background. Also the color and shape of the roses, hinting at their age. The context in which the roses exist– a glass jar– hinting that they are being kept intentionally. This then tends to blend into the fourth step– identifying the symbolic elements that hint at a relationship between the recipient of the roses and the young man in the photo.




*Of the analyzing process in Helmer’s elements of critical viewing


Interesting photo, from this perspective it looks like that could be your boyfriend’s container of roses. Possibly returned by a girl that had kept them for some time; which might explain the distance between him and the dried flowers. Or maybe they had been meant for a close female friend.


Joelle I think this picture is beautiful. The angle of the image to me speaks volumes because I immediately wanted to know why the photographer chose to capture the image this way. Yes, the rose petals are the focus but it seems that the background was intended for the viewer to see and analyze. I wanted to know who the guy was and why was he captioned in with roses? Is the feeling a positive or negative one? To me it’s mixed but this picture intrigued me. Job well done.


I think you captured dried rose petals in a captivating angle, and the quality of the image is great! The angle of the picture works out well, and it is my favorite part about the picture. The purpose of this picture would be viewed differently if it was at a straight angle. The tone of the image feels genuine and the colors of the petals compliments the desk!

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