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swirl as focal point

I find this image that I took applicable to the concept of “focal point”.  It immediately forces the viewer to look at the center of the swirl, defining it as the focal point of the image even though there are other loud colors and a quite detailed background.  I also found it difficult to focus on the background and surrounding visuals as I found my eye being pulled back to the center of the swirl as I tried.  While the swirl is off center, it does not change the effect it has on the eye.




This swirl reminds me of a thumb or finger print. Where is this image from?


Your last point is really interesting; I didn’t even notice the swirl was off-center until you mentioned it. You’re right, it seems like its in the middle because my eyes just naturally go there! I also like the texture of this picture. It seems rough and edgy; even the background seems rough, not just the swirl. its a work of art that I’d really like to touch, as weird as that sounds!


This image does look like a finger print and to me the swirls that continue outward lead the viewers eye from the focal point to the rest of the image, like a good piece of art work should do. You want to capture the viewer and then have their eye drawn to other places of the piece as well.


even though the colors are similar, the position and the shape make people focus on the swirl, it makes it stand out.


I find this image really visually interesting. The large swirl and large variety of colors create a great deal of movement throughout the image, and its very well done. I agree with you on the fact that this image creates that idea of a “focal point”. When I first looked at the image I was immediately drawn to that swirl, which is something I’m sure the artist was trying to capture. I also like that the image has two parts to it. First you are looking at the swirl, then the colorful background, it again goes back to what I was saying about movement. Great image!


I find this image to be very visually appealing. I really can’t stop looking at it trying to figure it out. I want to know the story behind it etc. If it is a painting or like someone said, a finger print. It is very interesting and you can absolutely see many of Helmers’ points represented by this image.

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