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In the “In digital remembrance: vernacular memory and the rhetorical construction of web memorials” reading, Aaron Hess makes comparisons between physical & digital memorial sites.  One aspect that is particularly interesting is the comparison between the navigation of digital memorials & that of physical memorials. Hess states that in digital memorial sites, people use search engines to navigate through competing memorial sites, including official, corporate, & individual memorials. Similarly, at the Mt. Hope Cemetery there are countless memorial stones competing for attention. Again some are more general public memorial monuments, while many others are to commemorate individuals. Different techniques are used to attract attention, including scale difference and elaborate designs. The memorial depicted above was particularly interesting because it stood out from the others largely because the majority of this monument was not designed, it was just rough as a rock.




I think you make a great point here Scott, how do you make something stand out when there are thousands of other things just like it. This could mean thousands of search engines or in your case, thousands of different memorial monuments. I think the particular memorial you chose does stand out, its rough edges and large cross help to set it apart from others. In the case, the lack of detail actually helped in giving it attention.


When I visited my memorial, there was a rock with a plaque placed in it and I realized that a lot memorials place large rocks with information or memorials on them and I wasn’t too sure why. This picture just reminded me of that.


I agree that the competition for attention amongst these memorials is a great point to make. Its interesting to wonder how much the people who are buried here actually cared about this (although I’m sure someone has put it in their final wishes to have a particular stone for just this reason before) versus how much the people they’ve left behind might use this as a sign of status. Also in a graveyard as large as the Mt Hope cemetery it seems totally practical to make your final resting place stand out just so it will be easier for loved ones to find.

Tanja Evon

12/23/2016 I’m gratified by the manner in which deals with this sort of subject. Usually to the point, often controversial, without fail well-written and stimulating.

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