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Magazine Covers as Posters

Becker’s article, Photojournalism and the Tabloid Press, states that most tabloids have “an almost exclusive reliance on news-stand sales, a front page that seems to work like a poster in this context—dominated by a photograph and headlines referring to a single story–and photographs occupying a much larger proportion of the editorial content than one finds in other segments of the daily press” (Becker, 239). My photo this week shows this concept with a poster like photo of Marilyn Monroe on the front with interesting headlines and a 16 page spread inside the magazine titled “The Things She Left Behind.”




Everything about the front cover screams pick me up and buy me, right?? The Becker article also mentions that celebrities and entertainers on the front cover tend to be performing. Although Marilyn Monroe is not performing here per se, she is certainly not posed the way an ordinary person would be, simply smiling at the camera. Instead, she is posed in a way that is traditional of her style, which in itself is kind of a performance.


It’s definitely interesting to skim some of the other headlines on the cover too. A lot of intriguing stories, but definitely going for the sell with iconic Marilyn for the photo instead of say, featuring that Vladimir Putin story visually and just mentioning the Marilyn bit in a tag line on the bottom. It’s no contest she’d sell more copies.

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