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Mt. Hope Cemetery


I chose to visit Mt. Hope Cemetery and came across some really memorable pieces of stones used to honor the deceased. Figuring since it was Halloween and a cemetery, I chose to go at night time and it gave me a different and interesting perspective.

The Hess article states under memorial rhetoric, ” analysis of the rhetoric of memorial is a long standing, scholarly tradition. Finding it’s earliest analysis in Aristotle’s conception of the epiceictic speech, these ceremonial discourses provide public histories and cultural foundations for nationality. The commemoration of national ideologies exists as the “emotional glue that binds the nation together and without them the nation cannot arguably survive”.

Commemoration of national ideologies in this picture represents the common tradition of honoring the deceased by means of burial. Although this article is about digital memorial sites, I think the concept of memorial sites generally stay the same whether it is digital or in flesh. I think that memorial sites play a big part in bringing together people. Like the Hess article said, “:the emotional glue in binding the nation together”. It’s a tradition that is the same amongst any race or nationality and it’s a way of connecting people.

Referring to the picture, I think the tombstones suggest we value life and all it has to offer. Walking around, I couldn’t help but think about how many people were buried and the lives they lead. Did they get to do everything they wanted? I think the site provides a BOLD statement to anyone that does not appreciate what they have, who they have and it forces them to understand it can all be taken away. On a different note, I think the site portrays a creepy statement as well considering the circumstances. It’s Halloween and these sites are popular to visit. They can give off a creepy, scary vibe. I was reminded of the movie, Hocus Pocus. Despite that, I don’t think the underlying issue should be forgotten. The site provides people a chance to appreciate and not take anything for granted and gives them the ability to reflect on their life.





Creepy! Cool!

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