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My door drives me crazy!

I absolutely believe with Norman’s reading “I push doors that are meant to be pulled, pull doors that should be pushed, and walk into doors that should be slid.”  Since I move in the place that I live in Rochester I am having a hard time with the door of the hallway. My door is really tricky, I said that I am having a hard time because every time that I order food I have to come down to open the door. Here is the tricky part, people have to press the bottom on the intercom then I have to open the door from my apartment and they have to wait probably like 5 seconds to push the door. Otherwise it won open and I have to do it manually. The door does not have any sign to pull or push. Why to frustrate ourselves with a simple door?  We need simple things to make life easier.




I agree. Why make things more difficult? It is probably for security purposes so I guess that’s a good thing.



I know this door all too well! I use to live there last year before moving into my house and the worse time to open that door was with a hand full of groceries! Not only is the door heavy but the key doesn’t easily slide right in. Often times people would prop the door with a stone in the latch which I would be both angry for endangering my safety and relieved that I didn’t have to fuss with the door.


You would think that with all the doors created in the history of mankind, the design would evolve to something more advanced than what we have. Computers have, why not doors!


I feel your pain. It does not seem very convenient to operate at all. Doors should be the standard of easy operation as they are so frequently used by many various people who may not have encountered a particular door; poor design indeed. For fun you may want to check out my post as I have another frequently operated design that is poorly implemented as well.


Finally, I have people that are feeling my pain! I Lisa this is the worse door ever. “As technology is growing up we need everything more simple”

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