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My own exhibit of false reality

After having read “Memory and Myth at the Buffalo Bill Museum“, I was not too surprised.  Not having been to the Buffalo Bill museum I can’t speak first hand of the place. I can however relate to Greg Dickinson, Brian Lott and Eric Aoki’s take of the exhibit as I recall my history books in high school reflecting the same casualness of war and dismantling of the American Indian tribes.  In our American culture it is much more common to focus on the great establishment of the west and not the brutal methods that were used for settlement of the west, and that attitude goes beyond just the establishment of the west; it’s almost what we have become.

I decided to capture my own falsification of reality.  While reading the article I was looking around in thought and I glanced at this tree in my living room.  Not the most beautiful piece of plastic and polyester or whatever it’s made of, but it gives the false impression of a real tree. It serves the exact purpose that the article discusses, it gives a false impression that even though we can see what it is and how real it looks before our eyes, it is an exhibit of false reality; and yes, we have been asked if the tree is real.


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