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Name that device.

This is my light meter for photographing. I chose this item because I think is a great example of poor design.  first of all Not many people would probably even know what it is just by looking at it (unless you are a photographer). there is basically no labels on any of the five buttons it has, and using it is a process. You absolutely must read the manual before using or else you wouldnt know that there are button combinations that do different things if pressed in certain order. Visually the product is very appealing but I think that they might have sacrificed accessibly for design. This is a device that I feel would be a thousand times more useful with more buttons and labels for those buttons.


Hello my name is Benjamin Kitzmiller. I am a fourth year fine art photography student here at RIT. I am from Maryland and I enjoy camping and landscape photography. Knowing about visual communications will help me strengthen my art and interpretation of art.



This apparatus does look simple but I agree with you I would of never guessed what it was. It seems to me that technology makes everyone’s lives easier but at the same more complicated. You can do more things with technology but sometimes you think less or it makes you lazier. What is 55 +6… let me just use the calculator. hahah

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