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Natural Reflections

The most quietest moments in nature reveal the hidden mysteries of mother nature at its best. This picture was taken on the Mendon Park trail which led to the pond. The composition of the picture gives it this interesting depth to feel perception that the landscape continues in a circular shape. The reflection of the sky is beautifully mirrored in the pond without the slightest movement interrupting its waters. My eyes are immediately drawn to the trees that serve as a protective boarder to the pond as a natural barrier. Does this picture instill a sense of peace for you, as it did for me?




This photo definitely creates a sense of peace. The fact that everything in this photo is of nature helps to create a sense of peace. However, the way that everything is captured perfectly still enhances the feeling of peace. There is nothing to indicate an outside force, such as wind. For example, there are now ripples in the water & there is not a consistent lean in the plants.


I really like this post/image.. I get a very good sense of peace and calming when i look at this image, probably because there is nothing going on. The environment is almost at a stand still, no movement is showing, no indication of animals or humans or anything, just nature. Just like Scott, I think that is why it is so peaceful.


I really love your image. Especially the reflection of the nature reflecting on the pond in that circular motion. It is very peaceful.


I like how you shot this picture..kind of buried in the grass. It makes for an interesting perspective. I also liked how you described..every time I walk past the pond by UC and Global Village I always take such a fascination to the reflection in the clear it is and almost looks painted.


I really like this picture! I would definitely go there and just relax my mind from all the stress with school. It has the feeling where you can just sit on the grass and put your feet in the water and let it soothe your mind.


I see a ton of calming elements in this photo. The happy and serene blue color of the sky, the soft borders of the clouds, and gradual yet dynamic color gradients make for a fantastic shot. For me, the ultimate sense of calm is in the flawless reflection of the water, suggesting a relaxing stillness and no hint of urgency.

Was this photo taken in the evening?


Thanks everyone. This photo was taken at a near by park called Mendon Ponds for those of you who are not familiar with the area (it’s about 15 minutes from here). Will the photo was taken in the morning ironically on one of Rochester’s most infamous cloudy days. The park takes you through some trails and every now and then the end of the trail leads to the opening of a space with a beautiful scenic area like the one above.

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