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Nature can be used as Multimodality

A lot of us are big fans of NATURE. According to Helmer, nature in the 19th century¬† inspired artist to do landscape paintings but by than this wasn’t considered a painting genre. Nature’s boom began afterwards and people from all over the world went to visit some beautiful landscapes based on what the painters drew. Nature is still used today by painters and I guess all of us. I can’t avoid taking a picture of a beautiful landscape and as I can see a lot of my peers as well. When you see a picture with so much serenity and calmness it gets you thinking…thinking….day dreaming





By just looking at this picture, MOTHER NATURE don’t play!! Haha! I am sensing a lot of depression in this picture. As I mentioned for my post, people tend to view nature as a sign of reflection to how the world is reacting right now. Overall, I like this picture.


Beautiful picture. Helmers mentions that sometimes places are special to people because of their beauty or natural features. I think probably this place is special because the viewer can stare at it and appreciate the natural landscape.

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