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Nude Shoes

The Roth reading this week about the crayon skin tone colors reminded me of another area in which using a name to indicate skin color, actually exclusively refers to caucasian skin. In shoes, This taupe-y tan blend color is often called “nude”, implying it is the color of nude skin, however, not everyone has a flesh tone remotely close to this color. Shoes of the color of the leather in these pictured are often featured in magazines, suggesting they’ll lengthen the leg line by blending in. These assumptions indicate that this trend in footwear is only for Caucasian people, because on a differing skin tone they wouldn’t blend in, but rather obviously stick out. Shoes of darker, redder, and yellower tans are not called by any name reminiscent of the human flesh, and they usually aren’t recommended to people in magazine editorials either. Renaming this color, such as the change of crayon from flesh to peach, would make it feel less exclusive.




It’s interesting that the term ‘nude’ is still used like this in the fashion industry, as you point out that it obviously is referring to the lighter Caucasian complexion. Crayons, shoes, clothes, make-up….where else are these terms used in industry?


You make a really good point, Natalie. I own a pair of “nude” heels, and if I am being honest I never really thought twice about using that name for them before. But now, after reading the Roth article and your post I am wondering if there is a better name for this color heel. I get what the fashion industries are going for when they coined this name, but really? But I guess its easier said than done because as I sit here trying to think of a better name, I really can’t. How bad is that…?

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