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An obvious choice for this week’s featured article would be Norman’s, simply due to the entertainment factor.

I present my first piece of evidence. Before you sits what seems to be an innocent, useful and simple lamp. If that’s what you see, you share the view I had when I received it as a gift from my mother as I was moving out for college nine years ago.

You and I are, and were, both incorrect.

Despite the level of lightbulb used, including the 60-watt bulb suggested by the manufacturer, this lamp is hot. I mean, really hot. That piece of black plastic on the back of the lamp? That’s used to turn it on and off. Guess what you don’t want to touch when the lamp has been turned on for any amount of time?

A few scalds later, I’ve learned not to use the lamp (but apparently not to throw it out). It is a useful pen-holder, afterall.

“Why do we put up with the frustrations of everyday objects,” Norman asks. Why indeed, mister Norman.


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