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Outside Looking In

Images like that of Emmett Till’s corpse are few and far between. Images such as these become so iconic and infamous in history due to their egregious context. After going through the reading and watching the video about the murder of Emmett Till, I found that I was not only moved just by the image of the boy’s body, but by the photos and videos of his mother crying out and the people’s violent reactions after viewing his body. This brought me to think more about the photojournalist aspect of this event. For most people witnessing reactions such as these, their first reaction would not be to pull out a camera and photograph such a private and emotional time. However, for photojournalists, this is not the case; they act is windows for viewers on the outside looking in. I chose to include two photos I have taken that I felt really expressed this feeling of being an outsider recording other people’s reactions and interactions. ┬áThe photos are of a group of young children at a museum in Paris and their reactions to the questions asked by the docent.


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