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Pictures in the news

“The mind should remain as open and free of prejudice as possible..”
I just wanted to bring this up because I think it is very important to understand that a photographer (specially a photographer for the news) is a person that should be responsible for what they present. His role is to provide truthful images to communicate or support the news they are covering. They should try to move away from their prejudices and show the truth and display events in the most accurate way. The Smith & Price reading support this fact by stating that:
” The photographer must bear the responsibility for his work and its effect…Even on rather ‘unimportant’ stories, this attitude must be taken-for photographs…are molders of opinion. A little misinformation plus a little more misinformation is the kindling from which destructive misunderstandings flare”

And also I want to point out about the difficult decisions a photojournalist has to face many times to do their job. The other day I was exposing this topic for the undergraduates and we were talking about shocking photos of human beings on the brink of death and how ethics plays an important role in capturing these moments. One of the students asked me what would I do if I was a photographer and I had to face this kind of things. I was not sure about my answer because even though it is supposed to be my job to go for the pictures in any circumstance I’m also a human being. I believe that it all depends on your personal values and what you consider is important for your self. Live is full of sacrifices and I think we have to put in a balance which things have more weight for us. I don’t know if I’m wrong but I truly believe that there’s nothing more important in life than a human being and no matter what situation you are facing that should be on the top of anything else.
I can find another job if I lose it, but a person will not find another life to live it.


I'm from the Dominican Republic and did my BA in Communications. I like creative writing, blogging, reading poetry and playing guitar in my spare time. Also I like to spent time volunteering and promoting social causes. I love to travel and Im fascinated about anthropology and anything that has to do with people's behavior. I am currently studying the MS in Communication and Media Technologies and hope to be done in summer of next year.



Amarilis, I wholeheartedly agree with you comment that “there’s nothing more important in life than a human being” and that said, I couldn’t have that objectivity, detachment, or whatever would be necessary in a death oriented crisis moment to worry first about the capturing the moment. It would have to be accidental or incidental — as in I didn’t know I was capturing that moment until or after it was captured. And then I’d be mortified.

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