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Prezi is not evil!

Before even reading the article for this week I thought PowerPoint was evil. I think it lacks creativity and is to standard. Every PowerPoint is the same. I think Prezi is different from PowerPoint though. Yes, Prezi is a slide manager like PowerPoint. But it aids a presentation where PowerPoint can harm a presentation. Like the article said, PowerPoints become a substitute for a presentation. Prezi supplements a presentation. Do you agree?




Generally speaking, I don’t care for PowerPoint or Prezi, or for that matter any of the various presentation software being produced. While they can be used effectively, they almost never are. Tufte’s demonstration of how PowerPoint explodes a single chart into four meaningless graphs is a great example of the shortcomings of the typical presentation. I want information; I don’t want cute graphics, or flashy colors, or funny sounds when you advance a slide. Ideally a slide should offer straightforward data which the presenter contextualizes; commonly, the software chews up the data all by itself, and the presenter just gums it for a few minutes. This takes a lot of weight off of the presenter — and I’m guilty of taking advantage of that myself — but it harms the quality of the presentation.


I thought about this after reading that virulently anti-Power Point article as well. No matter what you use, you need to let the media enhance the presentation, not drive it. For some basic linear talks, power point is advantageous. For others that require flexibility, depth, and a stronger narrative, Prezi works well. Limiting to only one format is what will doom any presenter.


For both Prezi and PowerPoint, the effectiveness is at the mercy of the creator, not the software. We are lucky enough to have these tools accessible to us, it is not fair to to blame it on the software.


I also don’t feel that Prezi is an effective way of presenting material. I think that it is often distracting and confusing. I appreciate uniformity throughout a presentation not flashy graphics.

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