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Hamlett’s reading reminded me of my RIT’s water container. It was given to me at the RIT tent at Greentopia. The bottle says R3 @RIT.

We can see how this designer tries to make people practice three specific actions: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The designer also created a very original RIT paw using the recycle logo.




This bottle shows the transition RIT is trying to focus on sustainability. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the common steps to recycle. However, why does RIT care a lot more about sustainability than before? Is it because the new college of environmental sustainability will be created? Or is a stunt for RIT to claim that it really cares about how our earth is being used? Most likely, it would be the former because almost every higher institution would care deeply about their environment.


The designer did a good job at making the message clear and concise. Sustainability isn’t going anywhere and college campuses all over the US are participating. USF (my under grad) installed water bottle stations all over the campus to eliminate the use of plastic bottles.


I like your example, Ivonna. It is a great example of a business, in this case RIT, attempting to increase sustainability practices. I think the water bottle trend is really a good one. I always found it silly that we buy water but when something has such a simple yet strong message like this one does, it really can make an influence.


The challenge that graphic designers encounter is shown in this image very clearly. Trying to create a sustainability campaign can be complicated and giving it an image that works with the institutions already established aesthetic graphic designs is a challenge. The tiger paw combined with the recycling symbol was a very cleaver go and i applaud the creative mind behind it.


Here we can see how creativity is use to transmit the sustainability message. The fusion of the common recycle signage and the RIT Tigers paw is a good way to make the RIT community feel involve with the cause. Mixing elements of the corporate image with general symbols is a technique constantly used when a company wants to promote a cause (cancer, recycle, etc.).

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