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Relfections of myself

I visited the 60 from the 60s exhibit, and the one photograph that I felt I most related to was the one of the “Camoflage Suit for October.” Right now, I’m looking for someone who validates a lot of who I am, but that is in contrast with my visual preoccupation with women. I was really glad to get to spend some quality time with a classmate at the exhibit.

The Camoflage Suit stood out to me because it had a detachment from the others. It goes beyond the surface form of the female figure. I feel invited to construct a reality from the image, then project my emotions onto it. It is less forceful than the other images.




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آموزش موفقيت فردي و سازماني
خانه ان ال پي ايران برگزار كننده دوره ها و سمينارهاي آموزشي در سراسر كشور.


The photo is very nice. Good proportions and interesting compositions. congratulations

تبلیغ کانال تلگرام

سلام دوستان
رمضان احمدی دستجردی هستم و در زمینه کانال تلگرام و افزایش ممبر تلگرام فعالیت میکنم
امیدوارم که استفاده کنید

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