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Hamlett was right on the spot with his article, although directed to graphic designers he also mentioned that some might find little significance of the work applied by graphic designers to the cause but as a segment it would be the same if you look at it individually with any specific group.

I do feel that however there is a lot to work on, its a change in individual action, i admit that i bought this bag probably 4 weeks ago and never take it with me when i go to the supermarket or anywhere, its just lying in a corner while i just bring bags back home. I guess the main functions of graphic designers to support the cause would be maintaining the simple actions that done as a collective can make a difference in their minds.




This is a great example of the importance of graphic design. It is hard to get someone to do something like use a reusable bag at the supermarket, but with good graphic design the bag could be something that a person looks forward to bringing with them to the supermarket. While this graphic design might need some work, I definitely support what it is trying to accomplish.

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