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Reusable Wegmans Shopping Bags

This image captures the idea in the “Sustainability and Graphic Design” article by Phil Hamlett. These reusable shopping bags have been designed to reduce the amount of landfill waste created by the abundance of plastic bags used for groceries. The design of the imagery on the bags further perpetuates this “earth-friendly” attitude by depicting fruits & vegetables. Fruits & vegetables are part of nature, which is exactly what these bags are trying to protect.

The slogan on the label of these bags even reads, “Sustainability at Wegmans. Today. Tomorrow. Together.” This message is informing customers that sustainability is ongoing and encourages customers to use these bags every time they shop at Wegmans.



Joel Skelton

I love this message. I’ve always interpreted the imagery of produce on the bags as “free advertisement” for Wegman’s–showing what Wegman’s offers. Perhaps if there was another image–an image of the Earth, perhaps, would the impact be any different? Would the drive to use these instead of plastic bags change?


The Wegman’s re-useable shopping bags is an excellent example of sustainability and the designers role. Like Joel pointed out the images they use on the their bags shows the fresh products Wegman’s offers, while also showing their leadership in sustainability. As a designer though it was clever to use the slogan that talks about “today, tomorrow, together.” This shows their dedication towards sustainability, but showing how our involvement as a society is what makes the difference.


Scott, excellent example of graphic design and sustainability as it pertains to the corporate image and advertising. I have always believed that a major key to Wegman’s success is their continuos efforts messages and knowing their customers/audience.


I’ve always loved these bags Scott and have the best of intentions to use them however I find myself using them more for carrying last minute items from my car to a location rather than using them for groceries. The design is so appealing that it makes you want to help with reducing access waste. I plan to use them this week while during my grocery shopping so thanks for the reminder!


I’ve always like the reusable shopping bag strategy. I like how Wegmans uses a theme on theirs. Some stores such a Walmart don’t care much about the design of their bags. The design of the bag calls the attention of the customers and makes them want to buy one and help the cause. Sometimes is not enough to tell people why the strategy contributes to solve the issue, you need to make it appealing to them, and Wegmans did.


I agree with these comments, that the design of these bags really sets them apart from other reusable bags at other stores. I like to keep them out in my kitchen so that I always remember to bring them with me, but also as decoration.


Wegmans has discontinued these beautiful bags and now offers bags that are relatively cheap-looking and I think rather ugly. I wish I’d bought a lot of these when they were still available. My local store was able to get me some blueberry and one peach, but I have no grape, no tomato, no peas. Sigh.


Eileen, how were you able to get you a blueberry and peach bags at your local store? I emailed Wegmans through their website and I was told that those particular bags are no longer available.

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