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Saturn console dysfunctional function

In the “Norman” reading he describes natural mapping as, “taking advantage of physical analogies and cultural standards, leads to immediate understanding”. Well, this image that I took is the console of a “2007 Saturn Vue”. While I find the radio controls are applicable to the visual model that the user interfaces with in most other vehicles, the window controls are not as they are located on the bottom of the console on either side of the shifter and could not be more dysfunctional in relation to where drivers expect their window controls to be, such as on the driver side door panel. In order to control the passenger side windows both front and back, you must reach across the shifter to operate. Since I drive this vehicle I know how difficult it is to operate, having to take my eyes of the road to do so because of their poorly mapped and unnatural location. The designer obviously tossed “natural mapping” aside when designing this frequently used feature by separating each window control is such inconvenient locations, making operation quite cumbersome. Booooooooooooo!!




Joel Skelton

You bring up an interesting point. Often, when designing things, developers don’t think about its usability. That is, they probably don’t actually test it themselves and say, “Hey, that’s a real pain in the ass to operate. Let’s try a different approach.”

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