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Schiller Monument

The truth is that Schiller’s monument did not cause me much impact until I stood directly under it and looked at it from beneath. It almost feels as if he were looking down on you. Not only does the sculpture of the poet cause an impact, the inscription beneath him empowers the monument even more. Biesecker’s reading made me think about the careful selection that comes into place when a location to set a monument. Might there be a reason to place a monument of a German poet in Rochester New York, or at least would there have been one in the early 1900’s?




I find your ending question curious myself. I am going to assume that there was no plaque or commemorating text as to why specifically he is being remembered. I would hope, that he had something to do with the success or support of something locally significant. I also like how you reflect upon how the memorial affected you. Sounds like a physically powerful monument to behold, if nothing else.

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