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Sexism, Even when the subject of the photo is not a woman

The subject of the photo “Sugar Ray Robinson, New York City 1960″ is clearly NOT a woman.  It’s a man.  Why then, do we find that sexism (against a female) is portrayed in the photo?  Carlin & Winfrey (2009) define the four classifications of professional women:  seductress or sex object, mother, pet, and iron maiden.  You’ll notice that there is a large photo of a women in the background of this picture.  I would put this woman in the seductress or sex object category.  Carlin & Winfrey (2009) explain, “Sex object stereotypes refer to both sexuality and sex roles…everything from clothing to appearance” (p. 327).  Everything about the woman in the background screams sex object, from her clothes, to her facial expression, to the way she is positioned.  It’s interesting that Carlin & Winfrey (2009) were defining sexism for professional woman.  I’m not sure if the woman in the picture is a professional woman or not, but the stereotype unarguably applies.




I saw this and kept thinking of Sugar Ray Leonard.

Also, whatever you are saying here is spot-on.


the photo is not a woman but watch it in hd on film hd (altadefinizione)

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