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Sexy in the Tabloid Age

This is an image I took of two magazine covers that I had, strategically placed on a youthful-looking bed with a stuffed animal. This is to represent what is considered “news”, which consequently shapes how everyone (especially youth) consume media. I thought this concept connected very well to Karin Becker’s article, “Photojournalism and the Tabloid Press”. While these images/magazines do not contain hard news content, the articles are made out to be necessary facts about how the idealized female should function. The two covers had eerily similar women – both blonde, blue-eyed girls with arms spread wide and large chests. They wear bright, not-dark colors, with lots of skin exposed. In a way, this is very much sensationalism. Becker defines sensational journalism as “break[ing] the press, ascribed guidelines of ethical practice with the intention of attracting attention in order to sell papers”. How much these images were altered, or how much the article details were fudged, is unbeknownst to the reader/viewer. Regardless, young females go out in droves to buy these magazines in attempts to attain this idealized version of womanhood, myself included. Ultimately, this process shapes the magazine and commercial landscape, affecting all demographics in the process.




This kind of picture may represent a problem psychologically speaking, because as you say it shows a prototype of the ideal body, and encourages women to want to look like this, no matter what means they use to achieve it. The images are not only ornaments of a publication, they can be a strong influence in changing the attitude of people and therefore The images are not only ornaments of a publication, they can be a strong influence in changing the attitude of people and therefore they must be used in a responsible way.


The magazines’ goals is to have the young adults buy them and confide in them. They try to encourage us to have a good healthy life by following their workout plans or tips on how to dress for your body shape. I have to admit, I always buy cosmopolitan because i love reading that specific magazine.


I like reading Cosmopolitan as well but not necessarily for the same reason. I don’t buy it in order to have a good healthy life but to see what others perceive as good and elite. I like to read it for fun and for fashion. If you do step by step what this magazine tells you to do you’ll end up being crazy!


This is something that happens constantly in this types of magazine. here images are what get the attention of the potential reader not the content. and as you say the put more work on selecting and altering “appealing” pictures and then just create articles that go hand in hand with them. It’s a shame because creating good content should be the main focus not only having good pictures.

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