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After reading “Joe’s Rhetoric Finding Authenticity at Starbucks,” I’m going to pay attribute to the little guy. I do consume and enjoy Starbucks but my image and focus this week is on Sips Coffee & Cafe, a little coffee shop in Irondequoit. Sips does many of the things mentioned in the article that Starbucks does in reference to a compelling coffee shop atmosphere. This image is filled with symbolic visual and material elements as mentioned in the article that “we seldom pay strict attention to.” (pg 5)




It’s great to see a smaller coffee shop compared to Starbucks. I think when I go to coffee shops like this, it almost feels like they more naturally have the sort of atmosphere that Starbucks puts a lot of effort into having, from the unground beans on display to the homey touches in the store. After reading this week, I began to reconsider how much effort goes into being as effortlessly cozy as small local coffee shops are.


I agree with Natalie’s comment above, but I’m curious– is Sips also a chain? (Granted, much smaller than Starbucks.)


I used the same concepts for my post this week except I use Starry Nites Cafe as my example.

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