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Sqeamish indeed

In Shafer’s article he mentions talks about why placing death and dying in the news can be so delicate. The fact is that a million people can die in a movie and the impact that causes can’t compare to the one created by one death in real life. This article brought me back to 9/11, that day had many shocking images surrounding it but none hit me harder than those of videos of people jumping from the towers. These images are very hard to intake but they are also part of a sad reality that people have to accept. I do however consider that certain delicacy should be taken into consideration when selecting on what media images of this type will be exposed and at what time of the day also, these are in some cases to brutal for children to see.

The image I created is trying to represent that, a comical representation of death can be taken lightly and will always be accepted, in the case of a real life event it can be more complicated and in times rejected by the viewers.




I agree. Sometimes I don’t understand why the news have to be full of tragic images that all they do is create a negative impact on the viewers. Unfortunately this is the kind of news that arouses most interest in most people. In our country (Dominican Republic) this type of content is one of the most followed. It’s a shame.

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