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After having read the Memory and Myth at the Buffalo Bill Museum article, I gained a different perspective on both museums and other institutions that serve to educate.  Many times, the stories that are told are one sided.  In the Buffalo Bill Museum example, the authors of the article contrast the ‘savage’ behavior of the Native Americans with the ‘civil’ and culture rich Anglo-Americans as portrayed by the museum.  The Buffalo Bill Museum also communicated ideas of whiteness, masculinity, and the carnivilzation of violence in the Western frontier to certain audiences (the article authors).  While the museums goals are to educate Americans about their past by serving as a reputable source of information, even their stories and visuals may be biased.

Since RIT is an educational institution, there is an inherent bias in what is taught to students.  There are always things that we’re not taught in our classes and perspectives that we aren’t exposed to.  And we probably will never know what those additional perspectives are.  I feel that it is important for RIT to balance their focus on innovation with an emphasize on a minimally biased education.  Especially as RIT continues to construct new buildings and works to accommodate its rapidly growing student body.


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