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Sunset over Seneca

Helmers explains that “images have immediate, affective and even comunicative values that words do not.” When looking at any image I think this claim holds true. The photo I took was at of a sunset over Seneca lake, taken at my cottage. Immediately looking at this photo the colors are the first thing to stand out and invite a sense of beauty and appreciation for the earth’s natural beauty. If I were not the photographer I would assume this photo was enhanced, however, it was not what so ever. The immediate sense that the colors and shapes in this picture may be enhance draws attention to the importance of its elements. The colors and lines I think are its most important elements, they bring your eye to the center of the photo. Although there is a object in the picture, being the boat hoist, I know for myself my eyes automatically move from that to the color in the sky. This is demonstrated by Helmes claim that, “The dominance of particular visual elements gives the picture meaning. After examining the picture and being drawn in by the strength of the colors one might take the meaning to be what I had mentioned before; the beauty of the earth’s natural beauty.




Lauren, I really liked this picture. My picture as well had very different kinds of meanings. Helmer clearly explains in his chapter that pictures are more than words and more than what you see at first sight. He recommends people to see the picture and than read the titles underneath to see if the picture for you transmits a very different reaction then what the title says. In this case, I agree with you and did appreciate the Natural Beauty.



If you were to take this photograph every day of the year, would it ever mean something different? The sun sets every day, so when I see yours, I am taken back to watching the sunset out my window on campus only four hours ago. It seems like the cottage would be a nice place, with the boat dock, but this to me is little out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing. It must have been nice to get away from Rochester.


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