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Support Speaks

“The image … helped people to transform the horrible event into a souvenir, a memento to be shared and disseminated rather than stashed away,” (Harold & DeLuca, 2005, pg. 276). Due to the recent disturbing and very upsetting events at The College of Brockport with the murder of a beautiful freshman girl, the events from the aftermath have been nostalgic and left me speechless. After one specific picture was taken that involved President Halstead of the College, and other known male students on campus, wearing women’s high heels to show that they can “walk a mile in their shoes”, the campus has erupted into a loving, giving, and caring community to support the termination of domestic violence. This image of support was the sustenance needed for the campus to reunite and fight for what we stand for. It shows how deep the bond of Brockport’s campus community runs, and how this family will not be broken.




After reading the Harold & DeLuca article I think that this is the perfect representation. I saw this image on my Facebook yesterday and thought that it was a brilliant idea for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


Wow, this is a really strong image! I had heard all about the murder on the news and was disgusted. However, it is amazingly admirable that the school is able to stand together and stay strong through this, as embodied in the picture. I can’t even fathom seeing the girl’s body, which is what happened in Emmett Till’s case. Hopefully, the whole nation (not just Brockport) can move forward in the ending of domestic violence.


Wow the dude on the far right is my buddy’s little brother – way to support, Nick.


I like you picture, it really connect with the reading. But it is very frustrating to think that tragedies like this have to happen for people realize they have to fight so that certain things can change. I don’t understand how much of this will be necessary for us to wake up and simply be proactive and start changing our own behaviors without affecting others.


Kelly, I just love this picture. This image is all the more moving because we know the context of this image. It’s more than men standing up for violence against women. It coincides with a tragedy that makes this image all the more poignant.


We see many domestic violence tragedies in the Dominican Republic. It is both sad and disgusting. This picture really moved me. At first I liked it but after reading the story behind it I think it’s a very powerful image.


I like you picture, it really connect with the reading

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