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I originally wanted to continue on my post from last week referring to Elizabeth Blum Goldstein and add a picture of her and her condition at the end of the six concentration camps. However, the pictures I have of her are not in my possession at the moment so I went with this photo which I believes embodies the essence of the Till article in a cartoon form. This is a comic book called Maus that illustrates a man’s journey through the Holocaust. The characters are animals which represent different religions. For example the mice represent the Jewish.

The question we had to discuss in class last Thursday had me thinking back to other historical events that reminded me of Emmet Till’s story and I kept relating back to the Holocaust.

I believe the world is able to learn so much about the Holocaust because of the shocking conditions of the people and environment which were captured with photographs and also seen by the people themselves. Sometimes the only way people really learn and are influenced by something is if they see it with their own eyes. I believe that fits the Till case as well as the Holocaust.

The Harold and Deluca article mentioned how the the body of Emmet Till illustrated the ugliness of racial violence and I believe that the bodies of those who endured the Holocaust illustrates the ugliness of human race and what it’s capable of.

The people of the Holocaust endured those horrible conditions because of their religion much like Emmet Till who died because of his skin color.


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