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This photo does not need much explanation, but I would say it shows how “sustainability” can be applied in every aspects of our daily life.  It’s nothing new that earth is in trouble and we need to find a way to balance our needs without interfering with the environment. There is a large increase in ecological projects, as in the case of Greentopia, where it comes to educate people about these topics. The question is whether we are really applying these messages to our lives. Are we really conscious of the importance of our own actions, that although we may be one in a million, with our behavior we can help with the change? The reading also reflects on the role of graphic design in these campaigns. Using non-biodegradable materials to educate people about the environment is a major contradiction. Sustainability campaigns must not only educate our population with green messages, they must transmit them through resources that contribute to these causes.


I'm from the Dominican Republic and did my BA in Communications. I like creative writing, blogging, reading poetry and playing guitar in my spare time. Also I like to spent time volunteering and promoting social causes. I love to travel and Im fascinated about anthropology and anything that has to do with people's behavior. I am currently studying the MS in Communication and Media Technologies and hope to be done in summer of next year.



I really liked this picture. I wish that in the DR someone would put more emphasis in the Green aspect. We don’t recycle anything..but if we did, it wouldn’t make a difference because the trash all goes to one same truck and get mixed up with everything else. Someone should really do something about this situation.

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