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symbolism of the Fleur de Lis

The fleur de lis is commonly found symbol used in design. This specific symbol is on a stain glass window in my apartment. This symbol which has now become so commonly used, in the past has represented a variety of different origins. Some of the most common origins that the fleur de lis represents are the French monarchy, Christians’ religious purity, and a family coat of arms. So the question is, did the individual that picked out the stain glass window in my apartment have a connection to one of these origins, or did they simply like the design?

The different interpretations of the fleur de lis explains Helmers ideas about perception and how different visuals can be perceived by individuals differently.




I really like this image not because of the aesthetic aspect, but because of your exact analysis of it. I have always been attracted to the fleur de lis, but never understood why it was so prevalent in images around the world until I decided to research it one day. It would be interesting to know the reason behind this particular fleur de lis.


I am really glad I found you post. I didn’t know that symbol meant those things. It simply looked liked the head of a spear to me. From now on though I will take the time to think about its meaning when I see it. Thanks!

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