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That Moment, Missed & Captured

As some of my classmates may recall, I do not relate well the topic of death as covered in Zelizer’s article.  I am a squeamish avoidance type person, as Zelizer references, and I do not care to delve or dwell on the topic as whole. But it brought to mind the notion of “that moment.”  Additionally, I thought about Becker’s article on Photojournalism where photo journalists rely capturing “that moment” to illustrate the news event.   So I focued my thoughts more about capturing “that moment” and what does “that moment” mean to the viewer.

This picture represents a moment that I missed in person.  This is my son at the Zoo Boo enjoying himself.  I love his smile and I know he’s happy.  I didn’t get to see this moment in person as I was working away on my homework, but I got to see him in this moment thanks to his Dad who sent me the picture.  And now that I’ve shared this picture, you might have first seen a moment of a cute kid having fun.  But then after reading this text (hopefully), the context is provided to you and you might therefore now see a moment of a mother’s brief bit of sadness at missing a moment of happiness for her child, as well as a moment of happiness of a mother enjoying her son’s happiness.




Such a cute smile. I love this post and how photographs allow you to cherish moments, especially when you are a mother.


What you just described is one of the things I love most about images, particularly images of family and friends. If it we didn’t have the ability to take pictures at a moment’s notice with our ever-ready smart/camera phones we would miss out on countless moments of our loved ones lived, but now we can share in the happiness of the people we love, even if we’re a bit sad that we aren’t there in person.

ps: I love his smile!


I really like this post! I think you did a great job showing how images can really show us a moment in time, and in this instance a moment in time that you missed. Without photographs you wouldn’t be able to see and share this great memory.


Thank you for sharing this, it give me a lot to think about. I agree that it is really important to capture these moments. I’m sorry you couldn’t be there yourself but on the other hand you still get to have this moment forever.


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