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The communication range of an image.

“Images have immediate, affective and even comunicative values that words do not.”

What feelings or emotions cause this picture in you? What elements can we could mention that help define a meaning? If we look at this photograph we could say that the notable absence of color evokes feelings of sadness. But if we look at other factors such as the orange lights of the lanterns, we could interpret that not all our paths shall be full of nostalgia and that just as there are “drops of suffering”, at the end there will always be a hope to succeed.┬áIt is obviously that when we are exposed to an image, a photograph or a visual element the analysis will depend on many factors and the same picture will cause different emotions in different people. Here comes all the values and attitudes that are part of our frame of reference. The frame of reference is nothing more than the guidelines that determine our point of view on anything, that come from our experiences and background throughout our lives. They are the basis of our concepts and our thinking.


I'm from the Dominican Republic and did my BA in Communications. I like creative writing, blogging, reading poetry and playing guitar in my spare time. Also I like to spent time volunteering and promoting social causes. I love to travel and Im fascinated about anthropology and anything that has to do with people's behavior. I am currently studying the MS in Communication and Media Technologies and hope to be done in summer of next year.



The mood of the image is so great in relation to what you wrote about. Although, I have to disagree about a noteable absence of color; Yes it’s a very neutral toned image, but it’s not completely unsaturated or Black & white. In your favor, there are many colors within the image that are cooler, darker and set the mood for the nostalgic feeling you were describing above. Also, I love your statement about how our backgrounds effect the way we react to an image, it’s so true!


What a great photo! It’s crazy to me that on the surface this is just a photograph of a parking lot. But when you look at the photograph you see and feel so much more than that. The photo is dark and dismal. It’s depressing, really. It makes me think and feel cold and isolated. It’s a lonely photograph. It also fascinates me that when Andrea looks at the photo, she agrees with you and feels nostalgia, whereas I felt something totally different from the photograph.

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