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The Forgotten Bridge

What humanity abandons, nature reclaims, and the process is pretty rad to watch. This is an old train bridge in Genesee Valley Park, at the intersection of the Canalway and Lehigh Valley Trails (the latter of which ends at Park Point). As the constructs of humanity are absorbed back into the wild we may think of the goals of the North Carolina Museum of Art Park, signifying the transience of our existence, but also the need for greater harmony with the world around us. I actually got carried around with this stuff, I think it’s really cool – for more pics, check out my blog.




Urban spelunking truly is one of my biggest interests, though I’ve done very little. I’m jealous you found this, I might have to go check it out sometime.

I personally think the message of this photo is more powerful than most have the time to realize. At some point, there will be an Earth without humans.


Yeah is it weird that I found this years ago and it was not hard at all to rediscover it during an afternoon to get the shot to put up here? I love knowing every nook of this great city – with the knowledge that eventually, it all turns to crap


There is nothing more powerful than nature. As much as we try to overshadow, consciously or unconsciously, she always reminds us that humans are only a tiny mortal element in this universe. Someday people might disappear, but despite all the damage we have caused, nature can always resurge.


This is stunning and I also found it interesting because I chose to take a picture of a train trestle as well. It’s crazy to me that things that aren’t meant to be artistic can end up being truly beautiful.

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