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The Glue That Binds Us

This is a memorial I actually ran across while driving though East Rochester. Although this picture of it memorializes World War II, there was also a memorial for Vietnam, and Korea. Behind where this was located there was also a small park. In Hess’ reading, he stated that,  ”The commemoration of national ideologies exists as ‘the emotional glue that binds the nation together, and without them the nation arguably cannot survive.” I think this is a great way to look at memorials, they remind us of things that have affected us as a whole, and also remind us how we got to where we are today. World War II had an impact on many people, and not only in this country. I think it’s good to thank and remember the people who stood up for the U.S. and having something you can see, like a memorial, as well as feel, because of the impact it has had is a great was to remember. Another quote from Hess’ reading states, “As Browne puts it: … the epideictic form is ideal; situated within a complex of festivity and convention, the commemorative oration is designed to be seen as well as heard; it is a consummately public act, self-consciously performative, without existence until brought into being by an audience.” This memorial has the names of  people who served “so well” who were part of the army.

I personally have been to the beaches where U.S. troops stormed the shore on D Day, and also to the Normandy cemetery where thousands of soldiers are buried, so personally to me world war II memorials hit me a certain way, although I wasn’t alive then. The beaches with the barbed wire and the bunkers, and where holes were exploded into the ground are all still there and have remained untouched. Seeing these places, and seeing the movie Saving Private Ryan, World War II has an impact still today, and memorials help us remember and keep it alive.



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