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The green at Colony Manor

For this illustration, I wanted to pick a place that meant something to me. As I read the Helmers 3rd chapter, I realized that as many of my classmates, I really like natural landscapes. I looked outside and something caught my attention.

I live on campus, at the Colony Manor apartments. These are all made by bricks and one of the older residential buildings at RIT. What I find interesting is that besides its old architecture, the green trees and grass help Colony Manor look a little bit more alive. When Helmers talks about Images and Analysis, he encourages us to analyze a particular landscape and consider why is it preferred over others (P.81). As I look at my surroundings, I wonder if the purpose of these little pieces of nature at Colony, were placed here to evoke some kind of emotion on its residents.

I like this particular landscape because I do feel a little bit happier by having some nature in my living space.




After reading this post I immediately looked out of my window from my UC apartment and saw the water fountain and pond right outside of my window. I personally find it humorous that they try to put nature in the middle of all of these massive buildings to evoke out emotions. But I won’t lie, the sound of the water fountain trickling on the pond does indeed help me fall asleep at night.


First of all, this is a great shot! I like that you question whether or not the landscape at the Colony Manner were put there intentionally. I think that is something a lot of us wouldn’t think about. Most of us would think that it was unintentional, which is what the landscapers would want us to think in the first place. Very nice illustration.


Thanks Lauren! I’m glad you liked the picture. Andrea: I think they do try to evoke out emotions. I’d like to have a fountain as well! Hahaha


I think that this illustrates how even though our campus is covered in bricks there are little areas that are beautiful and full of green. It makes me think about how I need to appreciate the green areas around here more.

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