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the walking dead

“Squeamishness is a movable standard that expands or magnifies under certain conditions and shrivels or recedes under others. Emotional in nature, it offers distancing when the pain, discomfort, and stakes in attending are too great.”

The walking dead is a show about a group of people trying to survive in a world dominated by walkers (zombies). Tonight, season 3 premiers and it has been high in ratings. The reason why it is so addicting because they deal with the exact same problems as we do in daily life, along with zombies. They deal with death constantly because the walkers are dead, and some of them were related to the characters on the show, and they have to kill them so they don’t infect anybody else and cause them to become a zombie. Zombies gets killed in brutal ways, they have to be killed by having their head stabbed or beheading them. It is highly entertaining, and it’s one of my favorite shows and ironically, it deals with death left and right. This shows that people are much more comfortable with the idea of death in today’s time.




It seems most certain that the idea of death and imagery of acknowledged fake death grabs people. I watched the first season of The Walking Dead and loved it. Never continued to watch season two despite really enjoying season one. I believe it is the reality and finality involving actual images of graphic death that beg people to ask of themselves why and what they find so fascinating if anything of a persons tragic demise. Death is certainly a fascination we collectively attempt to continually understand and prolong.


I agree with Keith. I watched the first season and the images really struck a cord with me. Great choice for the article!

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