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The woods

Whenever I’m walking from one side of campus to the other I love to take stroll through the woods close by Gracie’s, the smell of nature, the tall trees, the squirrels running from side to side, all of these details might sound dull to the ear and that’s what Helmers refers too in his lecture on Natural Landscaping. A description of a scenery can give you an idea you expand with your imagination of what it looks like; a picture can give you a much clearer idea of what it looks like, but there’s no comparison to visiting any given sight in person and enjoying all the details you can’t appreciate threw an image.




I agree with your comments. I have been through those woods at Gracie’s when I was a freshman. I loved walking through them unless it was raining because then massive puddles literally flooded out the area but it brings a sense of peaceful ness and is also a beautiful landscape as well. I also like how you shot this picture looking up towards the sky. The lighting makes for a fantastic photo.


“Natural Landscaping” I love your picture and the meaning it holds inside, it is so refreshing and peaceful to walk through those woods or any woods. I agree with Alexandra, you took this picture in the perfect time because the lighting makes this picture fabulous.


I love this view too, It’s a nice short escape from the brick world of RIT. When walking through this trail it’s like your in a different world and you’re image definitely captures that feeling!


I definitely agree will all of these comments. This area gives students an avenue to escape from the campus grind while also embracing a commitment to the environment, both things that RIT supports. It’s comforting to see that not every area of our campus has a big brick building plopped down on top of it or been blazed over by asphalt and yellow gridlines.

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