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Then to Now

The readings this week made me go back and think about how people of different races couldn’t do nearly anything before the civil rights movement compared to now. And one of these things definitely would have been being put into entertainment, such as movies. I couldn’t imagine living in a time where people of different skin tones were treated so badly, not like people at all. So I posted this picture, because like how the Crayola Crayons changed to make them more for everyone, so did the movie business, and now there are many different actors and actresses of different races who have really made a name for themselves.




This is a great response to this week’s reading. I like the fact that you were able to make a connection between the movie business and Crayola. I couldn’t imagine living in a world where people of different races could not be in movies, especially since so many movies seem to be about the glorification of life and how we perceive it.


I like the idea of bring different actors into play. It helps diversify our generation and help them understand what life was like compared to now. I always asked my family members who have lived through it, how they manage it. It is hard for me to get around quickly as other knowing that I cannot hear very well. I always tell my family who have experienced the civil rights era that I would not have been able to manage it because it would have been twice as hard for me to get around.


Although Hollywood is moving in the right direction to include African American actors some may argue that it enough. What I mean by that is that there are many roles that feature an African-American character however they continue to be type cast in stereotypical roles. Very often we see African-Americans in comedies however there are very few movies that depict drama or action movies featuring people of colour.

PS: I love all of the Bourne movies:)

Gia Surridge

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Edmundo Kalafatis
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