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Three Decades of Disney World Logos

The concept I am trying to illustrate with this photo comes from the optional Cowin and Matusitz reading. Though I can’t prove anything, I wanted to demonstrate that an analysis similar to what Cowin and Matusitz’s could be conducted when examining the evolution of  Disney World’s logos shown here. These logos where snatched from various family souvenirs from visits dating back to the 80s. Thus, in this one photograph, we see the change from the logo from the early 80s (pictured in the magnet with Tinkerbell) to the logo from the 90s (the tag with yellow, block lettering) and the current logos which debuted in the early 2000s seen on the sweatshirt, pillow, and on the tag of a stuffed animal. I am highly intrigued by logos and would be interested in conducting an analysis of Disney logos (or a company with similar global reach and lasting communicated values that have not altered dramatically since inception). The most important similarity is the endurance of both the McDonald’s brand and the Disney brand over time. The Cowin article points out that despite the changes and variations in the logos, McDonald’s as a company remained fairly constant in the overall intended message of their logo over time. Arguably, these Disney logos demonstrate the same idea, the idea that the variations in the logo “is intended for effect, to break through the clutter, and to invoke the change in settings in which it is displayed.” Thus, the message remains, essentially the same, yet the logo changes to fit the medium, or the time, or whatever circumstance so that new and old audiences can continue to build recognition.




Casey, I love that you selected the logos of Disney. I too thought of Disney all how the design continuously evolves and you can see the styles of design influence each iteration.


I think this is a great example of logo evolution and how it has changed over the years. Disney has done a great job of keeping that “message” essentially the same even with the changes to the logo itself. I think they have changed their logo and in the process gained attention from various generations.

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