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Time is of the essence!

My phone broke, so I had to be creative in taking a picture (how lost I feel without a working phone!).  The article “Power Point is Evil” resonates deeply within me.  I hate Power Point with a burning passion, but it isn’t really anyone’s fault that it is so popular and used widely in a variety of settings.  It is convenient and quick to set up.  While many people use Power Point incorrectly (e.g. reading everything on the slide, having Power Point teach the audience for them, etc), it is used not to save the audience’s time but to save the presenter’s time in setting up a visual for his audience.  The intent is clear; it’s just used incorrectly by the majority, according to Tufte.

Would it be possible for us, as a time-oriented culture, to do away with Power Point and its ill-begotten brethren?  Probably not.  The display tool I use is called Prezi (, and it takes a lot of time to create, especially when one is new to the service.  It sacrifices convenience and time in order to facilitate audience fascination and it forces creator creativity, as well.  As a technology- and time-driven culture, we seek to do things most efficiently in the least amount of time possible.  That is why I took a picture of a mouse and a watch:  The two are in synchronous orbit with one another.  It is nigh impossible to separate the two.  As much as the author bemoans the use of Power Point, it makes a lot of sense why it’s used.

I suppose the only challenge is teaching people to use it correctly.

Joel Skelton

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