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To Commemorate-To Educate-To Heal

This week I visited the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is located in Highland Park. It is located in a what seems like a peaceful part of the park. There are really only trees and grass in the whole area. There are a few places to sit that are in surrounding areas of the memorial. It isn’t like the other side of the park that has trails and flowers everywhere. The memorial is located in a pretty open area and somewhat on a hill side. When you first walk up to it there is a big stone slab that describes what the memorial is. Once you walk past the slab there is an area that has 7 flags, the American flag being the most prominent. Then there is a trail that leads you to a statue of a soldier.

The Biesecker reading for this week talks about the placement of memorials, the WWII memorial in more detail. One thing that I was interested in that I never really thought about was how people would get upset about the placement of a memorial. After all was said and done, people came to terms with the placement of the memorial. I think the placement of a memorial should add to the meaning of it, not just be a random place. I have been there and I think the placement of the memorial adds meaning to it.

The placement of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Highland Park adds to the meaning of the memorial. Since the memorial is in the middle of a park where it is quiet, it gives you time to reflect on what the memorial means to you. It is in such a peaceful place that it makes it easy to reflect on your thoughts. Who would have thought that one can find such peace in a place like Rochester?




I thought it was interesting that you felt that the location of this memorial had added to the meaning of it. Do you feel that this is because of the serene location? Or maybe due to the proximity to the Mt. Hope Cemetery?

Since everyone is going to have a different idea of where a memorial should be, the ultimate result is going to be some sort of compromise. This impact on meaning is also dependent upon who the individuals making the location decision are (generation, values, education, etc.).


I think it’s the serene location. I never thought about the proximity to the cemetery. I think there is nothing really around you to distract you from your thoughts, that’s what adds meaning.

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