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Tumblr. Dreams

It’s obvious that social media is getting up there along side with PowerPoint “corruption” methods, as Tuft explained in his article. Tumblr is one of those hidden social media sensations that has corrupted so many.  Personally, I log onto Tumblr to find inspiration, learn new interesting things, find new artists and every now and than quietly vent my more public problems to my followers. But while scrolling through the endless feed of posts I see corruption all over the sight.

From the  anonymous Internet fights between strangers, to those starting an argument on a currently touchy subject with various bloggers, various scams, and those looking for guilt and attention in their posts, to posts about drugs, abuse, sex, ect and last but not least the certain bloggers who live vicariously through their “Blog.”

The limits on these sights and when one person takes it too far many tend to follow. I think Tuft would agree that Tumblr has become; “….the drug had frequent, serious side effects: it included stupidity, turned everyone into bores, wasted time, and degraded the quality and credibility of communication,” Even though originally it was created to inspire and blog your artistry to the Internet.





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